The new reason to Stand Up

The new reason to Stand Up

We hope you’re reading this whilst standing up….because if you’re sitting down it’s not looking too good for you right now!

Take a look at this short video below ‘Scared Sitless’ released by the West Australian Government about the health risks involved when leading a sedentary lifestyle, especially when it comes to sitting all day at work…to all those gym bunnies, cyclists and runners, if you’re job involves sitting all day this involves you too….

So now you’ve got all the facts  here are some gentle reminders to help cut back on the amount of sitting you do:

At work:
Try to encourage standing or walking meetings.

  • If this doesn’t work, see if you can get your colleagues to include a standing break, or ‘standing agenda’ item.
  • Stand up when using the phone, or when reading emails, documents or reports..
  • Set yourself a reminder on your computer to stand up and move regularly.
  • Break for lunch, even if it’s just a ten-minute walk.

At home:

  • Stand up and walk around when using your phone.
  • When watching TV, stand and do household chores, such as folding clothes and ironing.
  • Put your remote control away so you are forced to get up to use manual controls.
  • Embrace household chores.
  • Stand when catching up on news via the newspaper, phone or tablet.

Do you use a Standing Desk?

If so, thats great but do remember  it’s not a good to to stand all day either, so do sit down occasionally. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes that support the ankle and foot and stand on a padded mat (most standing desk suppliers offer these too).

Here’s  a handy calculator that shows how many hours you sit during the day and how it is affecting your health. Punch in your numbers to get your result.

Sitting Calculator

 Remember – Sit Less…Move More!