Boost Health of Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Boost Health of Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Wow! An extra 1,000 steps has been proven to boost health of children with type 1 diabetes! Having two gorgeous young nephews with type 1 diabetes (their father also has type 1 diabetes from a young age) this research caught my eye.

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One of the findings that is amazing and frightening, is that 55% of the pre-to-early teen children who participated in the study took fewer then 10,000 steps per day! Which does take us off track a little to ask the question ‘So how many daily steps should children be doing?’

Good question albeit a tricky one as ‘little people’ are a little more complicated. (Mind you, if you look at the high rate of kids obesity one would say a lot more then they are doing!)

There has been and continues to be numerous research into the Adult guidelines of Physical Activity including the well-known 10,000 steps a day but very little research concerning the daily activity of little people. Good news is, that research is just coming through now with much of the credit going to the use of the newer technology, as it makes the trackers more wearable and a little more ‘kid proof’ (harder to lose or break).

Some say children should be doing around 15,000 – 18,000 steps a day, even though this may seem a high number for adults to achieve it is a very realistic for kids, as a general rule they are always in 5th gear from the moment they wake to bedtime! Interestingly though research has shown the hardest days of the week to get children to achieve this step level is the weekend!

Any way back to the original article, it’s great to see just 1,000 extra steps can make a difference, however small that may be, its a great place to start!

So make every step count – today!