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About Us


About Walk with Attitude and its gatekeepers

Here you will find out a little about Kate,  Jackie and their company.

All About Kate in 150 words or less

  • Work History: Trained Chef-UK, Hotel Management-UK, Business owner-UK,  Operational manager for Dome Coffee, General Manager Lonestar Steak House Saloon, Health club Manager, Personal trainer, Business owner and operator of Walk with Attitude.
  • Dislikes: Anyone who is cruel to animals and children, eating fish, horror movies, cyclist/walkers/runners who don’t obey the rules of shared pathways!
  • Loves: Australia (moved here many, many moons ago), walking, cycling, running, a good thriller, Tech gadgets, Dr Marten Boots, Cadbury chocolate, red wine and being her own boss!
  • Favourite Quote:

    “Why not go out on a limb? That’s where all the fruit is.” – Mark Twain

A few wacky things about Kate you really don’t need to know!

  1. Favourite movies are Kill Bill 1 & 2 and the Underworld trilogy, yet she hates violence or horror – go figure!*?
  2. Camera shy to the extreme.
  3. How’s this for a weird and wacky phobia – she is petrified (and we are talking petrified) of dead insects or animals – not of them being dead but of them moving and not being quite dead!
  4. Not so wacky, but could be considered sheer stupidity – before Walk with Attitude she smoked over 100 cigarettes a day!! Walking helped her give up – hence how the idea for walking with attitude was conceived…

All About Jackie in 150 words or less

  • Work history: Gym Instructor, sales manger for Health clubs, Restaurant Manager, Operational Manager for a telecommunications company, Business owner and operator of  Walk with Attitude
  • Dislikes: Green colour cake, customers who split a bill to the last cent , yappy dogs and warm beer
  • Loves: Dining out, hot tub, reading, champers on ice, huge Apple (not the fruit) fan.

A few wacky things about Jackie

  • Viva Las Vegas! – Jackie has more memorabilia from Vegas then a Vegas tourist shop! The truly wacky thing is that she has never been! But really hopes to one day –  Any Donations welcome ;). Update: She has now visited Vegas and loved the complete ‘Bling’ of it all.
  • Don’t read this if you are squeamish – When Jackie was little she fell off her bike and took a great big chunk of skin off her elbow  – a big seagull came down and swooped it away! She still has nightmares about seagulls to this day!
  • Not so much wacky but certainly shows her age…She is a big Dr Who fan – loves the Darleks scared stiff of the cyber men!
  • Jackie has always wanted to be a ‘stand up comedian’. Maybe that’s where the fascination with Vegas comes in??

Our Company

Once upon a time, long, long, long time ago…

Here is a fleeting glance at our Walk with Attitude empire

  • 2002 – Walk with Attitude started as an Outdoor Fitness Walking Group (They were the days – lots of talking, lots of walking, lots of laughing and lots of coffee!)
  • 2004 – We launched – the thoughts behind this was people needed  more then just a website to log their steps. At that time there were a few step tracking sites but only offering limited features. Our innovative approach to walking challenges soon had us leading the way.
  • 2005 – We launched Australia’s leading premium pedometer store –
  • 2006 – We launched the Walk with Attitude’s Pedometer shop – providing our members with their own shop, offering premium pedometers and walking accessories.
  • 2009 – In October 2009 saw the most exciting phase of with the launch of version 3.0!! With technology advancing at an incredible pace we are now able to deliver a richer and more interactive experience without compromising the personal and supportive environment Walk with Attitude is known and loved for.
  • 2010 – In May we completely redesigned our blog and set up Facebook and Twitter to allow members and non – members to connect with us and hopefully inspire them to ‘keep walking’
  • 201001st May 2010 @ 3.06 pm precisely – Kate’s photo has actually been added to the website – Yes folks this is an event – and it is worthy to be here – if only you knew how impossible it is to get Kate in front of a camera without her hand over her face!
  • 2011 – Feb – Walk with Attitude launched their first of a series of Turnkey Workplace with Attitude websites –
    Every aspect of the 10,000 Steps Australia workplace challenge is designed to achieve real, measurable results. We’ve created a workplace pedometer challenge that engages both the first time walker and those already active. We’ve gone beyond simply getting your employee to sign up and join a team; we provide personal tracking tools, virtual milestone medals and customised pedometer step plans that are proven to engage, motivate, reward participation and ensure a real sense of achievement throughout the challenge.
  • 2012 – June – We launched our other Turnkey Workplace pedometer websites: www.10000StepsTasmania,,
  • 2013 – Dec – With wireless, bluetooth Activity  & sleep Trackers becoming the latest trend – Australia needed a one stop shop for Activity Trackers, where they can keep upto date with new releases and good, honest advice from people that actually use the fitness monitors and apps. So we launched a fully responsive website that can be easily viewed on all desktops, tablets and smartphones –
  • 2014 – Jan – We will say goodbye to the Walk with Attitude Forum (due to Facebook and Twitter) and also we bid our farewells to the outdated PedometerswithAttitude shop, only to be replaced with our very popular, best buy pedometer shop
  • 2014 – Feb/March – will see full intergration of Fitbit and UP by Jawbone data into our and 10000 steps workplace pedometer sites. (meaning if you use these activity trackers Walk with Attitude will automatically upload limited (specified) data  such as ‘Steps’ from the Fitbit or Jawbone database.
  • 2015 – We have continually enhanced the current corporate websites with some exciting new editions. Oct 2015 we started the ‘Planning Phase 1’ for a whole new exciting Turnkey Solution.